Showplace Theatre Seating Chart

Showplace Theatre is built for comfort with plush and comfortable seating spread across multiple levels. This includes balcony seating and special reserve VIP seating with all the perks the casino can offer for these seat owners. The seating is also arranged in such a way to allow unprecedented sight lines to the stage. And you’ll enjoy crisp and clean sounds thanks to the venue’s top of the line sound system.

Of the seating available, there may be a limited number of ADA-approved seating available per event. If you request this seating it may come with companion seating as well. If you require further accommodations, you may want to contact the venue at the number below.

If you require ADA-approved accommodations or emergency ADA-seating, then please be sure to contact the venue as soon as possible. You may contact the venue at (405) 322-6000.

NOTE: The Showplace Theatre at Riverwind Casino seating chart displayed above can vary depending on the type of event. Some events may require unique or varied seating arrangements. When selecting your tickets you will be able to see the specific seating arrangement for that event.

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